Children are her blessing

May 17, 2017
When Kialla’s Lori Ryan was growing up she never thought much about how many children she wanted to have.

“When I was younger and babysitting, as a joke I’d say, ‘Oh, I’m going to have a dozen kids’,” she said.

Lori has nine children ranging in ages from 8 to 30 and gave birth to her first son Jason, now 30, when she was 17.

Jason was followed by Erica, 24, Jeremy, 23, Andy, 21, Ashley, 18, Melissa, 16, Noah, 14, Joshua, 12 and Rose, 8.

Having a large family has been a wonderful experience for Lori even though sometimes the house might not be as tidy as she would like.

“When you’re feeling down you just look at your kids and you feel so blessed,” she said.

When it came to having more children Lori and her husband Andrew had the attitude, “What’s one more?”“When you have a large family one more doesn’t really count to anything,” Lori said.

“We were always very loving with the kids so it was always a nice blessing.”

There have been some obstacles when it has come to picking names, though. Lori said coming up with new names was easy but sometimes Andrew and she would decide on a name only to discover that the new addition to the family was of a different gender.

But when this happened they just saved the name for the next child. Lori’s youngest son Joshua, 12, is number eight in the family line-up and said he enjoyed being part of a large family.

“There’s always brothers and sisters to do things with you, it’s really good,” he said.

Joshua said some of his friends came from smaller families and often asked him what it was like to have so many siblings, which he found pretty funny. As for his feelings about his mother, Joshua is very clear.“I think she’s the best mum,” he said.

It is clear Lori feels exactly the same about her children and said as a family they all enjoyed a variety of activities together such as cycling, reading and camping.

With so many children of her own it seems likely that Lori could one day be a grandmother to many children.

But grandchildren are not quite on the agenda yet.“I have a grand-dog, that’s all they’ve given me for a grandkid,” Lori said with a laugh.

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