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May 17, 2017

Lisa Quinton (centre) with Alanna Ryan and Rachel Thompson (back), and Stephanie Ryan and Charlee-Rose Quinton-Thompson (front).

You know those motivational messages people have pinned up in their homes saying stuff like ‘This house is full of love and laughter’? Well, Mooroopna’s Lisa Quinton truly lives in a home like this.

When you walk through her front door you are struck immediately by how much warmth and happiness there is within it.

Lisa has nine children ranging in age from 12 to 39 years old and also has two step-children.Lisa said with the first five children — Justin Purton, Danniel Purton, Melissa Turner, Rebecca Thomassen and Tony Purton — it was a bit of an adjustment.

But by the time the next three — Alanna Ryan, Kevin Ryan and Stephanie Ryan — arrived on the scene things had become easier and more routine.

“I always joke to everybody that you’ve got to have five teenagers before you learn they’re not that bad,” she said.

“You realise that it doesn’t matter how much you stress it’s not going to change anything.”

Lisa gave birth to twin boys, Justin and Danniel, when she was 16 and admitted they were pretty full-on.

“But they’ve turned out okay, I think,” she said with a smile.

Some years later Lisa and her third husband Neal Thompson welcomed their youngest daughter, Charlee-Rose Quinton-Thompson, into the world.

Lisa was 43 when Charlee-Rose was born and said it was not any different to having children when she was a teenager.

Sadly, Lisa’s husband Neal died in February last year leaving the family with a significant gap; but they are still happy, together and supportive of one another and, through Neal, Lisa also has two step-children — Rachel and Jessie Thompson.

Alanna, Stephanie and Charlee-Rose agreed that it had been wonderful growing up in a large family.

“If you’re going through a bad time or anything like that you’ve got so many people to turn to which is awesome,” Alanna said.

“For us our sisters are our best friends, we’re all very close.”When asked what Alanna, Stephanie and Charlee-Rose loved most about their mother, their answer was simultaneous: “Everything.”

Then they all looked at each other and started laughing.

“She’s our best friend,” Alanna said.

“We talk to her about everything,” Stephanie added.

“There’s nothing that Mum doesn’t know about any of us, we don’t have secrets with her.”

Lisa’s family has grown significantly and she now has 26 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren with one more on the way.

 Currently she is helping her daughter Stephanie raise her two children and said the best thing about belonging to a big family was spending time together.

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