Snatched: Mother and daughter bond as hostages

May 17, 2017

At its heart, Snatched is about the relationships between women.

At its heart, Snatched is about the relationships between women.

When Emily (Amy Schumer) finds herself stuck with a non-refundable holiday to Ecuador after her boyfriend (and former travel partner) dumps her, she manages to persuade her overly cautious mother Linda (Goldie Hawn) to join her, promising to find the fun in non-refundable.

When the women arrive, their differences in personality become even more pronounced and it’s not until they are kidnapped that they realise they need to come together to make it home safely.

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn are brilliant in their roles and it’s almost easy to see why Schumer threatened to walk from the project due to casting differences with the studio as Hawn lights up the film in ways not many others can (and especially not after 15 years away from the big screen).

You can see the chemistry between the women as they play out mother and daughter because it feels real.Wanda Sykes is also a refreshing cast addition, though it can be tiring to hear her continually describing Joan Cusack’s mute character’s actions, and there’s something to be said for the scenes between Ike Barinholtz’s agoraphobic Jeffrey and a state department official as they bicker over the phone about the rescue of Emily and Linda.

Nevertheless, it’s the women who carry much of the fi lm, with characters that seem to step outside the usual stereotyped boxes. 

However, if you were wanting a film more along the lines of Schumer’s 2016 hit Trainwreck, you would be a little disappointed. 

A lot of the jokes are highly sexual and repetitive, so don’t be surprised to hear different variations on the same line a few times over, and the violence can be a little shockingly confronting in some cases. 

Not that Snatched isn’t funny, (there are a few true laugh-out-loud moments) but there’s something a lot more disjointed in the plot this time around. 

Emily’s ex-boyfriend has an on-screen presence for about 10 minutes of film before he is never mentioned again, the alluring James also disappears for a large part of the film (though within the context of the film this does make more sense) and in the end, there’s not a lot of great resolution given to any of the characters.

It’s a film that gives exactly what you would expect, with plenty of mother-daughter relationship bonding to celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend.

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