Get Out: New take on genre

May 18, 2017

As far as horror and thriller movies go, there’s not a lot left in the genre that can shock or surprise audiences.

As far as horror and thriller movies go, there’s not a lot left in the genre that can shock or surprise audiences, despite countless attempts.

But what Get Out does do differently is it repositions audiences in such a way that it feels new and exciting to watch for a large part of the film.

We meet Chris, an African-American man in a relationship with a Caucasian girl, as he heads to her family’s country home for a weekend visit. All seems well; her parents are more than inviting, and with a garden party involving extended family along for the ride it seems like the perfect weekend away.

That is until Chris’ sense of unease deepens after strange and bizarre encounters with the guests at the family party. Unsure of whether it could be put solely down to racial differences or whether it is something much more sinister, Chris may not be able to get out until it becomes too late.

The subtleties in the craft and construction are what make this film great. There’s an undercurrent of suspense throughout the entire length of the film and you’re never quite sure where the next scene is going to take you.

The way director and writer Jordan Peele has handled the casual racism of everyday life is complex, with seemingly casual remarks that can be interpreted in a thousand ways.

It’s smart writing, and makes the whole film feel fresh. And Chris’ friend Rod is a pure delight to watch, providing the perfect balance of common-sense and comic relief as he speaks what every audience member has said in almost all horror films to date.

It’s a brilliant film with a soundtrack that does wonders to increase the suspense. That is, until the final act of the film where the plot becomes slightly disjointed as it steers its way to making the story more complicated than perhaps it needs to be.

Nonetheless, Get Out should become the benchmark for any future films of the horror and thriller genres, and it’s certainly an exciting film to watch with plenty of opportunity to be viewed a second time to grasp those tiny intricate details left behind.

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