Spud's a loved pug

May 18, 2017

Spud is a well-loved pug who lives with his owner Adele.Spud is known for snorting, especially in the warmer months after a walk, and has a habit of snoring in his sleep.

Unfortunately at 10 years old Spud is now blind but still can’t shake a few habits from his younger years such as running around like crazy after a bath.

“Now that he is old and has lost his sight he likes to spend most of the day napping, laying in the sun and eating,” Adele said.

“When he was younger he loved the beach, even though he can’t swim, and playing with soft toys.”

Although Spud enjoys a night time walk he does not like other ways of getting to places.

“He doesn’t like the car much, and will often cry the whole way on long trips,” Adele said

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