Worthy addition to crowded superhero universe

June 05, 2017

In a world so saturated with comic superheroes there was a little hesitation about the Wonder Woman ?lm.

In a world so saturated with comic superheroes (and such a predominantly male-centric world it is) there was a little hesitation about the Wonder Woman film. Would it be a worthy debut solo film appearance for Diana Prince, the Amazonian princess and warrior who has been well-loved for more than 75 years?

Yes. This is the origin story that a true superhero deserves, with a storyline that is contextual enough to fi t into the outside world built by the DC Comic universe of film but also self contained within its own bubble.

We first meet Diana as a young princess wishing to train hard enough to rival her mother and aunt, but often forced to stay safe as the only child on the hidden paradise island of Themyscira.

As she grows older, she trains secretly until her mother discovers how powerful she is becoming, and when Diana’s destiny cannot be entirely hidden any longer, she admits her training may be necessary for her to survive.

And when a pilot crashes into their waters and brings news of the raging world war outside the privacy of their island, Diana is forced to make a decision that will seal her fate forever. There seems to be something for everyone in Wonder Woman.

There’s Greek mythology, plenty of action, humour balanced with seriousness, enough history to link it to reality and a healthy appreciation of friendship and relationships. Gal Gadot in her biggest starring role plays Diana to perfection, both with the innocent eyes of one sheltered from the world for so long and one who is more intelligent than first appears.

She was (as many would agree) one of the best things about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and here she truly shines in her own spotlight with enough emotional range to truly capture audiences in her portrayal of Wonder Woman.

Chris Pine also stands out as fi ghter pilot Steve Trevor, and their on-screen relationship is more believable than some romance fi lm relationships.

The brotherhood friendships between Steve and his compatriots Charlie, Chief and Sameer and even between Steve, Diana and Steve’s secretary Etta are additions that make the film well-rounded and, for lack of a better word, real.

With the lightest of touches at beginning and end to cement Wonder Woman in the modern world, director Patty Jenkins has left the breadcrumbs for more (Justice League is due out in November) but it is also a great standalone film.

In no more than 10 words: Wonder Woman is a film that gets everything absolutely right.

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