Spider-Man a worthy Marvel edition

July 11, 2017

After more than a decade and three separate incarnations, Spider-Man has returned home to Marvel.

After more than a decade and three separate incarnations, Spider-Man has returned home to Marvel in the aptly titled Spider-Man: Homecoming and it’s a film that can actually stand against the likes of Iron Man and Captain America (minus some star power).

Still grappling with the events of Captain America: Civil War in which he teamed up with the legendary Avengers in Berlin, Peter Parker is back home in Brooklyn, back at high school and back trying to stay as under the radar as possible while still going good as a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

While Tony Stark has promised to call upon him if needed again as part of the team, his mentor is rather absent and deflects most of Peter’s calls to a distracted Happy Hogan (who returns to the Marvel films after a notable absence).

Feeling rejected, Peter continues his nightly crime-fighting sprees until he stumbles across the Vulture, a man of crooked morals who buys, sells and steals illegal alien weaponry left in the aftermath of the many past Avengers team battles.

But when the threats start hitting closer to home, Peter will have to learn if Spider-Man has what it takes to become a true member of the Avengers team before everything he loves is ripped away.

The best part about this film is that it feels new. We don’t get a rehash of the SpiderMan origin story (thank god) and even the students at Peter’s high school aren’t often the big players in Spidey’s comic universe (though there are some subtle hints to what the future may hold for some characters).

Tom Holland in the titular role is refreshing as a high school student, and seeing the modern teenage world as a focus of such a blockbuster superhero film does create a lot of relevancy for a large part of the cinema audience.

Robert Downey Jnr’s appearances as Tony Stark thankfully adds to the story instead of stealing the spotlight, and a few cameos from Chris Evans as Captain America through educational videos are a nice touch as well.

Michael Keaton also does well as the Vulture, though despite all his grand plans there never truly seems to be any one large goal outside of making money from the leftovers and stolen goods of the richest of rich.

There are also plenty of moments for die-hard Marvel fans with the care taken to ensure this film plays out along the same storyline as the Marvel Cinematic Universe — a credit to the writers.

Sure to be a fan favourite once again, the enduring qualities of Spider-Man: Homecoming cement it as a worthy addition to the Marvel team, and make sure you stick around for the (now legendary) post credits scenes.

Have you seen the new film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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