Are supplements stopping you from achieving great things?

July 11, 2017

It's a big step to start working towards your health and ?tness goals. Many sit, wait and think about starting. But very few take action and take the ?rst step towards achieving something great.

It's a big step to start working towards your health and fitness goals. Many sit, wait and think about starting. But very few take action and take the first step towards achieving something great.

Some people wait out of fear. Some people wait out of confusion about where to start. When people do start and take the first step it can be scary. Stepping into the unknown.

Once you start you enter a world that can trip you up if you let it. There is one thing that sees so many quit, fail or give up well before they reach their potential.

Supplements . . . More on that in a moment, first let me tell you a story. Supermarkets . . . The moment you walk in the door they are designed to trip you up. Catch you in their boobie traps.

As you walk through the door confectionery specials stare you in the face — ‘Buy 1 get one free’, ‘3 for the price of 1’.

Ducking and weaving you may get by, but then, bam, you are confronted by every processed food under the sun. Everything is strategically positioned to tempt and lure you To get to staples like milk and bread you must make your way to the end of the store. Position here is no coincidence.

You may or may not have made it through. If you did there is one more hurdle to jump over. The dreaded register. Lined up side by side the shiny and tempting confectionery stares you in the face as you wait in line to pay. You don’t need it. You don’t need to buy it. But getting a bargain and saving money is good, right? This often becomes the way we start to justify things.

The boobie traps when shopping distract you so often and so much that often you get home and discover what you went to the supermarket to get in the first place you forgot to buy. You’re not alone, I’ve been here, too.

Let’s get back to your health and fitness journey. Supplements … You have started your health and fitness journey: it may be at a gym, studio or through good old Google. You walk into the gym and bam there they are the shiny wall of supplements.

Fancy names and promises, and all strategically designed and positioned to lure you in. It seems everywhere you look — Facebook, Google, Instagram — everyone is sprouting the next best thing to use.

The latest and greatest supplement to take you to where you wish to be. To get you to your goals in the quickest time possible. It’s tempting, so you go for it. Hand over your hard-earned money and away you go.

A few weeks go by and not much has happened. Maybe I need a little more time you say. A few more weeks and still nothing. Bam, there it is! The next best supplement to take pops up on your screen in front of your eyes. Maybe that’s the one? To cut my long story short, let me tell you it’s not.

So, what’s the answer? Glad you asked. When we start our health and fitness journey we have a vision. We have a dream of where we want to be. There is often a strong reason we want to get there. The position we are in right this moment might be one we want to change.

We didn’t end up in the position we want to get out of because we didn’t take supplements, did we? We ended up here from the habits we created over time.

The only and quickest way to get out of the place we want to get out of and to our goals is to focus on changing the habits which landed us here in the first place. When we get lured down the supplement path we take our focus off changing the habits which got us to the place we wish now to get out of.

It takes our mind of the end goal Are supplements useful? Yes, they have their time and place. But, and here is the big but . . . The ones you get lured by are generally not the ones that will help you.

Just like the confectionery aisle in the supermarket still contains food, that food will not help you reach your health and fitness goals. The fact is, achieving health and fitness goals is hard work — but so rewarding.

Next time you get tempted by the latest and greatest supplements, stop and remember what got you to the place you are trying to get out of. Then smile, put your head down, and keep working super hard on changing those habits that will take you to the goal you wish to achieve. Then, what you can achieve is unlimited.

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