Submerge yourself in the abyss

August 22, 2017

If I could place what I imagine to be the sensation of drowning into melodic form, it would be through Vök’s new record, Figure.

Not because it’s a horrible piece that makes me want to deprive myself of oxygen, but because the music combines perfectly to make you feel as though your entire being has been submerged in a peaceful, never-ending abyss.

The band hails from Iceland, and just like the many other strange musical groups from that country, has perfected its own brand of obscure dancefloor music, crossing over the line of cryptic rock-pop.

The band seems to take inspiration from bass-heavy dance music, mixed with jangly guitar lines and forlorn romantic lyrics sprinkled throughout from its sweet-sounding vocalist, Margrét Rán.

I read about this band last week in a magazine, and listened to it for the first time as I rode home in the rain.

It was the perfect soundtrack to listen to as the drops dissolved on my bare face and hands, glistening on traffic lights and passing cars.

The 10 tracks are dreamy, sometimes distorted and cold, and the immensely moody sound is one that could be easily found during a slow, peaceful death underwater.

Have you listened to this album? Let us know your thoughts below. 

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