Run your own race

August 30, 2017

“They lost 10 kg! Why didn’t I? Did I do something wrong? Did I fail? “I don’t understand. “I worked hard, super-hard; I’ve never worked so hard in all my life. I didn’t miss a workout; my nutrition was on point; I was sleeping like a baby; my recovery was good. “I don’t get it. “Am I a failure? Maybe I’m not good enough. Do I have what it takes? “Maybe I should just give up.” Sound familiar?

Sadly, this happens far too often in the health and fitness area. And to be totally honest, it destroys people’s dreams.

It’s something not often talked about, but this is something we all need to hear and be reminded of. When we set out to start our health and fitness journey or even if we have been on it for quite some time, it is almost human nature to compare ourselves to others.

We look at how long it took someone to achieve a particular goal, and think it should take the same time for us.

But nothing could be further from the truth. We are all unique. We are all built slightly differently, we all have different life stories, we have gained different habits and beliefs. For example, let’s take two people of the same age with similar likes and dislikes and similar careers.

Most things are the same except one has spent 20 years of their life on the dieting merry-go-round. During the past 20 years they have cycled through almost every diet known to mankind.

They have been a part of every fad and tried too many forms of exercise to remember. For them, life is a roller-coaster of one step forward and two steps back. Weight gain and weight loss seem like they takes turns every alternate month.

On the other hand, our second person has not done as much. Over the years they have sparingly taken part in gym classes but not many, not for long and not consistently. Both people are slightly overweight, and of similar height and build.

They start their journey together, so you might expect they would be at the finish line at the same time. But their journeys ahead couldn’t be more different if they tried. Without speaking with each person, there is no way to know their background, what they have been through, or the wave of weight loss and weight gain they have been riding and for how long.

Here’s the thing: with years of dieting and inconsistent exercise comes an army of bad habits and beliefs. These habits and beliefs don’t just appear but rather come from each quick-fi x experience the person has been through.

The key for this person to be successful and reach their goals is to unravel the past and build stronger and more powerful goals. Our second person may have a number of bad habits and beliefs that aren’t helping them to reach their goal, but it won’t be years and years of collecting they need to undo.

The take-home info is this: you can never tell where someone is starting from or where they have been in the past. This factor alone determines exactly what someone needs to do moving forward to be successful.

Our stories are all different, so our journeys — the distance we need to travel and the time we need to invest — will never be the same. Keep your eyes on the end result and the tasks that you need to complete to get there.

If you look up every now again, rather than comparing yourself to another, smile and remember that the person across from you is on their own journey to reach their own goals.

Do you have a great fitness story you would like to share? Get in touch in the comment section. 

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