IT will scare you silly once again

September 14, 2017

Stephen King has long been a legend of story-telling, whether it be on the page or on the screen. The latest adaptation offering from King’s backlog is It, a film that has long terrified adults and children alike in both its book form and the 1990 miniseries made legendary by Tim Curry’s performance as Pennywise, and trust me when I say you may not be sleeping after this latest adaptation either.

Welcome to Derry, a town which seems as normal as any other, unless you start looking at the impossibly high rate of child disappearances. When Bill’s brother Georgie is the latest child to go missing, he and his friends dedicate their summer to trying to find answers.

But they get more than they bargained for when all of them have haunting experiences courtesy of Pennywise and soon it becomes clear that either alone or together, they could be the next ones to go missing unless they can stop ‘It’ for once and for all.

Opening with the iconic drain scene between Pennywise and Georgie, there is always something creepy lurking around the corner of every scene. While the obvious suspense might not be there, the fact that you’re always looking for the next appearance of ‘It’ creates a new kind of suspense. Modern technology and effects have also allowed for a new sort of fear experience, and Bill Skarsgård seems to relish the chance to give Pennywise a new incarnation.

But, surprisingly, this film is made on its young cast. Their on-screen friendships are real and it’s a rather funny film. You’ll laugh more than you could think possible in a movie like this but it isn’t jarring or out of place at all. These are children and it’s also nostalgic.

If you don’t like clowns or red balloons and you’re happier not knowing what shape your fears could take, perhaps it would be wise to stay away from It. But for everyone else, come and enjoy it. With part two also in the works, you’ll want to know exactly where the origin begins. And, of course, you’ll float too.

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