Powderfinger's Fanning is fab solo

September 14, 2017

Famous bands spend hours and hours on the road — and you would know yourself that when you hang out with your best friend for too long, arguments happen.

Touring would be physically and mentally exhausting and it is only natural that bands eventually call it a day and their members choose to go their separate ways.

The newly solo artists sometimes give it a crack on their own but usually they’re a fl op, with Beyonce being one of the few who spring to mind who have bucked this trend.

Another who made an extremely successful solo career was Powderfi nger’s Bernard Fanning. Fanning’s debut solo album Tea & Sympathy — released in 2005 while the band was on hiatus — is a blend of alternative and country-folk tunes.

The album topped the ARIA albums chart and won three awards at the 2006 ARIA awards, including Album of the Year, Best Video for Wish You Well and Best Male Artist. Wish You Well is one of the singles from the album and was flogged to death by radio stations around the nation the year it was released.

It’s catchy, popular with squeaky-clean teens, but most of all it is incredibly short. At two-and-a-half minutes, program managers across the country finally had a convenient track to plug that last two minute gap before the hourly news.

Not bad for a song that was actually an after-thought and only just made the record. Fanning’s remarkable song-writing skills cement his place as the leader of the Aussie singer-songwriter spectrum.

His impressive debut effort was just what you would expect from this classy veteran, who has the ability to warm your heart, and then break it, all in the one song.

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